Frequently Asked Questions

What does GELTUS stand for?

It means Gazi English Language Teaching Undergraduate Students Conference.

Is entry fee required?

No, it is completely free.

Will I get a certificate?

Yes, all participants will get a certificate at the end of the conference. However, speakers’ certificates are different from the audience. Your names will be printed on certificates, so you should register as soon as possible.

Until when, can I register?

Registration deadline for speakers is 01.03.2019

Registration deadline for audience is 10.03.2019

Will I be notified for acceptance via e-mail?

Notification of acceptance is only for speaker registration. If you register as audience, you do not need to wait for acceptance.

I’m not from Gazi University, will I have any trouble with entrance?

Security will be informed about the conference, so it will not be a problem. In case you have any trouble, contact us as soon as possible.

Does Gazi University cover travel expenses?

Geltus is a students conference. It has nothing with the administration. Unfortunately, we have no budget to cover the costs of the participants.